Making Research a Part of the Public Agenda

The Barn, Valley Falls, KS

June 7-9, 2000

This was the fourth annual retreat in the series: The Research Mission of Public Universities. Twenty-two university administrators and scientists came from the four-state region of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. Among many interesting topics, participants focused on the dynamic interface between scientific research and public response, especially in light of controversial projects. They also stressed the importance of communication and outlined a public agenda that promotes the value of research for economic development and quality of life.

The keynote speaker was Dr. George Walker, Vice President and Dean of the University Graduate School at Indiana University. He encouraged universities to meet the needs of their citizens, business leaders and students. By serving the public, they will have champions who recognize that research universities are a valuable state resource.

For the panel on statewide advocacy, we were fortunate to hear from Representative Ralph Tanner from the Kansas legislature and William R. Docking, chair of the Kansas Board of Regents.

On the final meeting day, the Chancellor of KU, Robert Hemenway, lead a panel discussion about developing a base for nationally-recognized biomedical research in Kansas City. This panel included James Spigarelli from the Midwest Research Intitute and William Brundage from the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute.

2000 Retreat Participants 

Keynote Speaker 

  • George Walker, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Indiana University 

Iowa State University 

  • William Lord, Interim Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Dean 

Kansas Board of Regents 

  • William R. Docking, Chair 
  • Kim A. Wilcox, Executive Director 

University of Kansas 

  • Steven M. Barlow, Professor of Speech-Language-Hearing  
  • Robert E. Barnhill, Vice Chancellor for Research 
  • Sally Frost Mason, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  
  • Jared J. Grantham, M.D., Distinguished Professor, Medical School  
  • Donald F. Hagen, M.D., Executive Vice Chancellor, Medical Center  
  • Robert Hemenway, Chancellor 
  • Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett, Associate Provost 
  • Marlin Rein, Director of Budget & Governmental Relations  
  • Mabel Rice, Director, Merrill Center and Distinguished Professor  
  • Stephen R. Schroeder, Director, Institute for Life Span Studies 
  • Valentino J. Stella, Distinguished Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
  • Thomas N. Taylor, Distinguished Professor of Botany 
  • Steve F. Warren, Director, Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities Research Center 

Kansas State University 

  • James A. Guikema, Associate Dean of the Graduate School 
  • J.E. Leach, Distinguished Professor of Plant Pathology 

University of Missouri 

  • Jack O. Burns, Vice Provost for Research  
  • Harris Cooper, Professor of Psychology  
  • Brady J. Deaton, Provost 

University of Nebraska 

  • Thomas H. Rosenquist, Director of Research, Medical Center - Omaha  
  • Marsha R. Torr, Vice Chancellor for Research - Lincoln 

Other Participants 

  • William Brundage, Executive Director, Kansas City Area Life Sciences  
  • James Spigarelli, President and CEO, Midwest Research Institute  
  • Ralph Tanner, Kansas House of Representatives, District 10 
  • Keith Yehle, Legislative Assistant to Senator Pat Roberts  
  • Heather Wingate, Chief of Staff to Senator Sam Brownback  
  • Bob Woody, KU Counsel in Washington, D.C.