Development and Disabilities Conferences

A teacher playing with a child in a preschool classroom at in Kansas City, Kan.

In science today, no single discipline can unravel the complex issues surrounding the causes and treatment of human disabilities. At Merrill scientific conferences, world-class experts often meet as a group for the first time and establish new directions for interdisciplinary research. These collegial partnerships set the stage for nationally-competitive projects.

The Merrill Center has released edited collections based on these conferences. The books draw upon the fields of biomedicine, psychology, behavioral science, pharmacology, education, and communication disorders, and have been published by the American Psychological Association, Lawrence Erlbaum and Kluwer Academic Publishers.


2010: Epigenetics of the pathogenesis of language and speech impairments: Biological systems and behavioral development​

2008: Neurobehavioral Approaches to the Study of Clinical Disorders

2005: Infant Pathways to Language: Methods, Models, and Research Directions

2004: Modeling Developmental Processes in Ecological Context

2003: The Relationship of Genes, Environments, and Developmental Language Disorders: Part II - Planning for the Future

2003: The Connections between Language and Reading Disabilities: Current Findings and Future Directions

2002: The Relationship of Genes, Environments, and Developmental Language Disorders: Part 1 - Research for the Twenty-first Century

1999: Self-Injurious Behavior, Mental Retardation and Autism

1998: Constraints on Language: Grammar, Memory and Aging

1996: Communication, Aging and Health

1993: Toward a Genetics of Language